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HIKMA Pharmaceutical is limited liability company established to serve Oman with quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. HIKMA will serve both pharmaceutical providers as well as the public to forge symbiotic relationship of win on both sides. HIKMA will also provide the following serves

  • Regulatory authorized representative office to companies wishing to separate legal and regulatory affairs from marketing and sales activities. HIKMA will ensure peaceful mind of principles in case of conflict with their commercial partners.
  • HIKMA health care monitor is self-care testing platform and at point of care devices to assist wellbeing of both healthy individuals as well as patients.
  • HIKMA will establish community pharmacies with new concept focused on “health community service”.

Finally at HIKMA we believe in healthcare is one concept to be applied by all society members, organizations and authority. HIKMA extends all expertise to other members of society for better health in Oman.