Dr. techn., Dipl. Ing. Christa WIRTHUMER-HOCHE2019-02-06T16:31:38+03:00

Christa WIRTHUMER-HOCHE, Dr. Techn., Dipl. Ing.

DI Dr. Christa Wirthumer-Hoche studied biochemistry and graduated at the Technical University, Vienna in 1981, she did her doctoral thesis at the Institute for Medical Physiology, graduating in 1983. After joining the Austrian National Institute for Quality Control of Drugs (1983 – 1998), she was the Head of the Licensing Division for medicinal products, in the Unit for Pharmaceutical Affairs at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women.

Since foundation of the new Austrian Agency 1 January 2006 her position was Head of the Unit for Marketing Authorisation and Lifecycle Management of Medicinal Products, her current position is Head of the Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency at AGES Austrian Agency for Health &Food Safety.

Since 1994 she has been a member in several European Committees and Working Parties, and she is currently appointed Chair of the EMA-Management Board.

She gives lectures at different universities (Vienna, Bonn, Copenhagen).